Sunday, August 1, 2010

In case you missed it, Chelsea Clinton got married yesterday

On July 31, the day of Chelsea Clinton's much talked about nuptials, I posted a Facebook status as a joke, assuming that everyone would know I was merely poking fun at all the hype surrounding the event.

I wrote: Don't be surprised if you can't find me tonight. I'm probably attending a very elite, private event somewhere in upstate NY.

When the responses started to pour in via Facebook comments and texts, it became clear very quickly that people actually believed me! This was so hilarious to me that I couldn't bear to put an end to it, so I left the status up until this morning when I had to tell my friends the truth -- I'm not THAT important!

Now that the secret's out -- my little joke and more importantly, the wedding details -- I'm dying to know who from Arkansas was there. So far, I've seen mention in the national news of Marie Clinton Bruno, executive director of Arkansas Literacy Councils, and a cousin of President Clinton; and Mary Steenburgen, one of Arkansas' famous native celebrities, and her husband Ted Danson.

This is not a blog about celebrity gossip, but well, I think the Wedding of the First Daughter counts as fascinating to anyone who cares a whit about politics.

Below are links to some pics/news coverage. I love the photo of the President walking his daughter down the aisle; his facial expression reminds me of the pic of him with Kim Jong Il taken a year ago when he rescued the American journalists in North Korea. I'm sure he was stoic for a different reason yesterday.

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  1. You fooled me! I was very excited for you ... oh well ... silly me.