Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Election Day

It's Primary Election Day in Arkansas, one of the most talked about national political news events of the primary season (thanks to the much scrutinized and potentially close Democratic primary between incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln and opponent Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, among other races).

You know it's a good sign when you arrive at your polling spot, and posted outside are supporters for one of your candidates, with a dog identical to your own in tow.

Hall High was pretty quiet. Not the normal buzz I like to see at my polling place on Election Day, but after all, it was before 8 in the morning, and I was only voter #25. I left with that high on democracy I always get after casting my vote. I love America.

And now....we wait.


  1. I know politics has no place between friends. So let me say off-the-record that Senator Lincoln has been causing all sorts of trouble. I won't be sad if she doesn't win the runoff (unless, of course, her wonky derivatives proposal is picked up by her successor...)

  2. Hey Car - there's a lot more at stake than her derivatives legislation, like Arkansas's Democratic seniority in Washington. I'm happy to talk politics with you anytime.