Friday, May 21, 2010

Primary Election Night

A few photos below from Joyce Elliott's Primary Election Night watch party at Cajun's (May 18, 2010):

Against four opponents, the Arkansas State Senator won the popular vote with 40 % of the vote in the Democratic primary for the U.S. House seat in Arkansas' 2nd District. In Arkansas, a candidate must win just over 50 % of the popular vote to win the nomination, so she'll face Speaker of the Arkansas House Robbie Wills in a June 8 run-off.

Shelly Baron, my good friend, and member of Joyce's campaign staff as an employee of CDP Strategies, watches election results come in:

Joyce watches results on TV as KATV Channel 7 report Roger Susanin interviews her for a live shot.
Joyce delivers a televised victory speech once it's clear she's made it to the run-off.

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