Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cupcakes are heaven

This is what I'm consuming right now:

The cupcake trend is sweetening dessert options throughout the nation. It probably took longer than usual to make it to Little Rock -- most things do -- but it has taken a firm hold since the first gourmet "cupcakery" opened here in spring 2008. Cupcakes on Kavanaugh is a delightful little shop in the Heights, an upscale neighborhood lined with locally owned boutiques and cafes. The owner aka cupcake master, Christy Milligan, has found such success with her pastry niche that just recently, she opened a second shop in a newish shopping center in west Little Rock.

Red Velvet and Cookies and Cream are my favorite flavors, but pretty much anything will do.
I have to restrain myself from making frequent pilgrimages.

As one fellow cupcake lover recently described the sensation after uttering sounds of sugar and icing generated euphoria, "I look like a one-year-old at a birthday party eating my first piece of cake."

Buttercream frosting. I mean, really, need I say more? It's enough to induce a coma.

You can see all the delicious options for yourself here:

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  1. That cupcake looks so good, it's making my mouth water! I have to try them, soon!

    I'm following.