Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye, Bye Little Rock

Three and a half years and two jobs after moving to Little Rock, the moving truck has departed, the car is packed, and (hopefully) the house will be rented soon. I don't know how to begin to summarize my eye-opening, life-changing time in this wonderful hidden gem of the South, so I'll leave you with an e-mail a colleague at the Governor's Office sent me on November 17, 2009, after I attended my first University of Arkansas Razorback football game in Fayetteville:

First, I'd like to say how excited I am that Samantha had such a great first trip to Fayetteville. We owe her and the traveling party a big thank you for spending their Saturday night to ensure the Razorbacks reached Bowl eligibility with their victory over the pipsqueaks from Troy.

I've bumped into her a few times since her trek down 540 ... she cannot stop calling the hogs and singing the fight song. It's been great!

Sam, we expect to see you bright and early Saturday morning taking part in another Arkansas football tradition: tailgating at War Memorial. Bring your bacon and eggs -- I've told Petrino to expect you.

Wooo pig!!!

And, in no particular order, some of the things I'll miss about Arkansas:

Pinnacle Mountain
The seemingly ubiquitous ability among Southern men to pull out a guitar and croon me a tune - or 10
Eureka Springs
Running into people I know everywhere I go
The Big Dam Bridge - one of Clyde's favorites
Bossa Nova's cheese rolls. Amazing.
Cotija's tomatillo salsa
How waiters ask you if you want separate checks
The complete absence of traffic from any one point in Little Rock to another, and the proximity of the airport
Walking into work every morning in a beautiful State Capitol where every click of the heels is a satisfying tap tap tap on marble
Men opening doors for me and doing other Southern gentlemanly kind of things
Dillards' shoe department
Sushi Cafe
Southern hospitality
The large and wonderful Little Rock family I'll miss dearly and expect to come visit me often!


  1. Thank you for calling out those cheese rolls, which are the greatest object invented in the history of the world. I also miss the other stuff you mention to a lesser extent :)

    Welcome back to the East Coast!


  2. Oh Chris Shenep...he will be so glad to know his email made it into the blogosphere. I apologize for just now getting around to reading this. It is kind of funny how you, being a true "nor'easter" (I call you this with all the love in my heart, because you are a force to be reckoned with just like it's namesake), are fond of all the southern things I am! You described Little Rock perfectly. A gem of the south, it is, and so are you. You assimilated into the unassuming, natural lifestyle of our great state, flawlessly. Your presence will be missed, but the memories we all made, will always sustain us. Love you, sweet friend.

  3. Such a sweet post, Sam. You are now, and will continue to be, missed.