Friday, June 25, 2010


On a Friday at the State Capitol, corn appears in the Governor's Office.

Arkansas is a mostly rural and greatly agricultural state. This means that sometimes, people traverse the state just to bring back produce you can't find in the regular old grocery store. Heirloom varieties and such. OK, I don't actually know that this is the reason massive mesh bags of corn appeared in my office today, but it's a strong possibility.

When I asked the bearer of the corn why it was here, she replied, "Because I went to Dumas to get it." (By the way, that's not pronounced how I know most of you are reading it. This is not France. It's DOO-mis.) The label on the bag -- as you can read -- says the corn is from Grady. That's in Lincoln County, which I hadn't heard of until today. (Tangent -- Arkansas has so many counties, 75, it's hard to keep track. My native Maryland only has 24.) According to (one of my all-time favorite Web sites), the most recent data calculating Dumas' population was 4,622 in 2008. Compared to Grady (population: 456), this makes it the big(ger) city worth referencing.

Anyway, so I don't really know if the corn was a primary or secondary reason said representative brought back produce from Hardin Farms (, but regardless, I now have corn to grill this weekend. Delicious. Will go nicely with the plump Bradley County pink tomatoes that were last weekend's produce delivery.


  1. Oh my, I really really really want some corn now!!

  2. Hahahahaha! I love the quirky Arkansas things that you notice that are everyday occurences for us. Such as...eating at Sonic for lunch and lingo traditional to the south. Seriously though, you make me think that the things I think are crazy about other states or regions are perfectly normal for the residents of that area. Thanks for opening my mind up!