Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This town is an oven

There is an excuse for my hiatus on posting...I essentially can't stand this heat, and it's taking all my energy to bear it. Every time I emerge from the air conditioning, I feel like an oppressive, unwanted blanket wraps itself around me. Yes, I grew up in Washington, D.C., known for its humidity, and true, this is my fifth summer in Arkansas, and yet, I swear there is something different about this year's temperatures. Makes me think any global warming doubters are even crazier than I already thought. It's like this week in particular, the fever gods decided it was time to take over Arkansas, and every day, the temps near 100 or surpass it. I think I heard the other day it was 99 but felt like 108. I mean, doesn't a person start hallucinating when his body temperature gets to like 105?

As a point of reference for those who might wonder, I'm not normally such a shrinking violet to extreme temperatures. In fact, I kind of hate a/c because it's always so freezing inside when you're dressed for summer. I feel like all summer long, I battle this issue. Fall is my favorite season, where the climate is mild and you are pretty much comfortable anywhere, inside or outside. But here, the a/c blows like a freezer, so while that brief moment upon first entering a building is a refreshing respite from the brutality outside, then I'm just cold and searching for the nearest sweater. You just can't win!


  1. Your body would be in total shock over a San Francisco summer, it's actually not summer at all and is almost the worst weather of the year. Here fall is summer! And you know what... I think I still prefer summer here to DC and the humidity! Yuck!

  2. haha! I understand the feeling completely! It is impossible to find clothing that is comfortable both inside a/c and outside in these temps. It is driving me nuts too.

  3. this is my second summer in little rock and yes, this year's temperatures took on a spirit of it's own! the thermometer in my car read 104 two days in a row last month. mind you, that was at 5 o'clock pm.